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Do you need to clean your gutters?
Call me now!

Climbing a Ladder

Need gutter guards?

I have you covered.

Don't allow for your gutters to clog up.

Having gutter protection for your home is important for one simple reason, prevention.


Gutters hang on the edge of your roof around your entire home and only work if they are maintained and are clean enough to let water through.


If not maintained by a gutter cleaning service or by yourself on a ladder, clogged gutters from leaves and debris will not allow water to drain down your downspouts.


This problem will lead to other issues like wood rot behind your gutters, leaving your roof exposed to the elements and little animals. Your gutters may also pull away from your home on their own, a common problem.


Ask yourself, when did you last clean your gutters?  Gutter guards are just as important as gutters. Click below to learn more.

Why Great Dane Gutters?

Because we are a family-owned business thats ran from Louisville, Ky that focuses on what my wife and I believe to be the cornerstones of a local business: Quality work, attentive communication, and  great customer service. In an industry like this, we understand what it means when you choose us to be the ones to work on your home.


Affordable, dependable and durable is who we are. That's why we work on every home as if it is our very own. And why we make sure with each step we take, it's with the intent to come out with a friend.

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Know your measurements?



I've dealt with plenty of gutter companies that promised me the moon and back. But, when it came down to pricing, they pressured me to the point where I was uncomfortable. But, I just made a friend out of great dane gutters, they took care of me.

Jade G.




Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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