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Our family story

The idea of Great Dane Gutters started out in the one-bedroom apartment where Chris lived with his Great Dane, Zeus. Chris had experience working in two different competitor gutter companies. Both also saw how there was a disservice to customers who bestowed their trust upon them. Here, he agreed that every customer that calls a gutter company is a serious customer wanting the best for their home. But, the important aspect that must be maintained with every customer is communication. Time and time again, Chris was let down because of the subpar service these companies gave. It was then out of ambition that Great Dane Gutters was born.

The way that Great Dane Gutters does business is first by establishing strong communication and supporting it all throughout. Everything else follows closely. How else can a stellar service be offered? How else can we earn the right to claim to have the best quality work in Kentuckiana? 

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